SAKU in a nutshell

Cultural and Sports Association of Finnish Vocational Education and Training, SAKU

  • cultural and sports association and collaboration organisation of Finnish vocational education
  • founded in 1949
  • members include 66 providers of vocational education
  • both students and staff take part in the activities
    • approximately 125 000 students involved in the activities
    • approximately 20 000 staff members involved in the activities 

What SAKU does 

  • promotes the well-being of students and staff
  • develops a community for vocational education
  • organises easily approachable cultural and sports events for vocational students
  • organises working capacity promoting activity for vocational staff
  • organises training and meetings with colleagues
  • maintains collaboration networks for its sphere of activities
    • students’ well-being services network
    • student sports network
    • students’ cultural activities network
    • physical exercise for the work community network
For students SAKU organises
  • national ball games series and championship games in different sports
  • the SAKUstars cultural competition, in which vocational students all over Finland showcase their skills in music, dance, the visual arts, photography, etc.
  • training for activity tutors who coordinate activities at their own institutions
  • courses in which students acquire employment readiness skills.
For staff SAKU organises
  • physical exercise to maintain and develop working capacity
  • competition events in individual and team sports in a relaxed atmosphere
  • training and meetings with colleagues
  • recreational opportunities
  • Lapland’s magic at the Kuerkievari Training Centre in Äkäslompolo. 

SAKU Support Foundation and the Kuerkievari Training Centre

SAKU Support Foundation owns the Kuerkievari Training Centre situated in Ylläs, Lapland (Äkäslompolo), which can accommodate approximately 60 people and offers lecture facilities and fantastic surroundings for outdoors exercise both in summer and winter. To inquire about reservations, please call the association’s office, tel. +358 207 55 10 10. 


The membership of SAKU is open for organisers of vocational education in Finland. Additional information is available at the association’s office: or tel. +358 207 55 10 10. The membership fee for 2012 is 1,25 Euro/student and 2,25 Euros/staff member.