Business College Helsinki students in preparation for Hyvinvointivirtaa 2023

Olet täällä

In a world that constantly requires our attention and energy, prioritizing well-being has never been more important. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Anna and Michael, students from Business College Helsinki, to discuss their roles in organizing the Hyvinvointivirtaa week, an event dedicated to promoting well-being. Anna is originally from Russia, and Michael is from Canada, respectively, and both are 18 years old.

The Hyvinvointivirtaa week is focused on raising awareness about well-being in all its dimensions, whether physical or mental. According to Anna, the goal is to help individuals redirect their attention towards their overall well-being, even for a short time. Michael adds that a primary objective is to engage people in physical activities while emphasizing the significance of mental health.

The Schedule

Anna and Michael's group will participate on Wednesday and Friday, but the event will last five days. On Wednesday, different companies will set up tables to share insights on physical activities, mental well-being and beauty. Anna added that there will be sessions for activities like stretching and yoga. There will be more speakers and discussions about different well-being practices on Friday.

Teamwork and Responsibilities

To successfully organize the Hyvinvointivirtaa week, Anna, Michael and their group have divided responsibilities into three teams: marketing, speakers, and activities. The speakers' team focuses on engaging participants for Friday's events, while the activities team handles logistics for Wednesday. The marketing team takes care of advertising and announcements. While the planning process had its share of challenges, Michael reflected on their team's adaptability and experience in event planning, which ultimately ensured a smooth organization process. He acknowledges that organizing events of this scale can be chaotic initially but emphasizes the importance of perseverance.

Ideal Cooperation Partners

We also asked about their ideal partners. Anna highlighted professionals in various well-being fields and mentioned yoga and stretching trainers, massage therapists, psychologists, gym experts, beauty experts, and more.

What’s Well-being for Anna and Michael and what they do about it

For Anna and Michael, well-being is an essential aspect of adult life. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing health, with Anna sharing her commitment to activities like gym workouts, meditation, and stretching. Michael stresses the need to allocate space and thought to various aspects of life to make sure that nothing spirals out of control, whether mentally or physically. “If I am having a problem, I make sure that it doesn't encompass every part of my life. If there is a good event upcoming, I make sure that I can still focus on the things I need to do well” he added.

Both Anna and Michael find happiness and relaxation in social interactions. Michael cherishes conversations with friends through video calls from different countries, while Anna values loves cycling, walking with friends and some yoga.

We can create a better future by focusing on physical and mental health. We appreciate Anna and Michael´s active participation as well as their groups for their dedication to this important cause. Below are photos of their classmates doing their jobs as assigned for the upcoming events.